Undertale VO


Undertale is an indie RPG phenomenon back in 2015 due to it's charming characters, amazing soundtrack, beautiful world building, and relationships that stay with you years after you've played the game. This was my game of the year when it came out and I love it very much.

I loved this game so much I wanted my mom to experience it because I know she would enjoy the characters and world so much. But she wasn't a gamer, and as a busy full time working, part time student, taking care of three kids at home kind of mom she didn't have time either. So I came up with the plan to turn Undertale in a video series she is able to watch just like any other television show.

Little did I know, this would be an adventure two years in the making. During the lowest points of my life this project was one of the few things keeping me together and giving me the will to keep moving on. I spent one Christmas vacation with my brother to play the game together and record the footage. The next six months I went through all the footage and transcribed every single character and line that needed to be read and voice acted. Even during the Verizon strike in 2016 I spent most of my nights in the hotel room, after twelve hours of brutal work and abuse, transcribing until it was finished.

The next year and half I recruited my friends, family, and even hired voice actors online to help with the project. This was the first time I have ever voice acted myself as well as directed other actors. This along with the video editing, and audio mixing I found to be a very very rewarding process. I even had a thought that maybe I could do this at a higher capacity.

I finished the Undertale series right before I went on Christmas vacation in 2017. And as a present for my mother, I finally showed her the labor of my love for someone who has showed me nothing but love, compassion, and determination.

All episodes are available on my Youtube channel.