What did I do this month? I finally started an idea I came up with five years ago called Let’s Crit. I have a grand vision for this project but coming up with the starting point was the difficult part. I wanted to be able to create a platform for people to help each other with critiques. I didn’t know how to start it back then, but now with live streaming becoming a common place it seemed like the perfect starting platform to have live critiques for people.

Let's Crit

I utilized the r/design_critiques subreddit to find people who are asking for critiques on their designs, I thought this was important because I don’t want to give my opinion to people who weren’t asking for it.

I made an announcement video showing who I was and setting the date for the first live stream. The date came up and I spent an hour on twitch with about an audience of 4 people doing critiques on the subreddit.


I thought it was successful and did a second test run with a different format and guest design Corey Danks who is an accomplished freelance designer in his own right, but also a fellow student at Philadelphia University, so we’ve known each other for ten years. We had another successful live stream for an hour going through an assortment of designs from the design critiques subreddit.


I’ll be publishing recordings of the live streams to a dedicated Let’s Crit YouTube channel. Now that I got some test streams done, next step will be to post a regular schedule, once a week, for anyone to come and get some live critiques. I definitely want to have more guest designers and have design challenges to make it a more interactive live stream.

I’m hoping to have more to come with the platform in the future, and I’m just glad to have gotten something off the ground after sitting on the idea for YEARS now. The first step is always the hardest, and I hope I can keep this train going. You can view the stream in the future at which for now links to my Twitch channel: