I have a common problem among creatives, we all have this drive to make something. Waking up in cold sweats to write down an idea you had in a fever dream, or just randomly daydreaming when you should be focusing on something else. Hell, I have a document full of random ideas I would love to explore.

But I know I won’t work on them. I know I am going to stop after that initial burst of enthusiasm. It will happen as it has happened before many many times. And it happened again, I didn’t finish September’s project. I didn’t learn anything new, I did grow any new skill or techniques.

I know my problem as well, I have absolutely zero discipline. Every new project is like a brand new car. They all have their own key of Inspiration, and if you love the car enough it will have a big engine of Motivation, which will roar as grand as your ambitions. But every car has a tank of Discipline. This time the car had too little of a tank.

I can’t promise this won’t happen again. I know it will, but I still need to keep moving forward. I need to find the cars I want to drive, I need to find a road that I love, and a destination that’s just far enough to let me enjoy the ride.

This is something I can absolutely learn to build up too. The only way to learn discipline is to just keep going. If you committed to something you have to see it through every single day. Eventually you’ll see that your tank of discipline is that much bigger, and your engine of Motivation is that much more efficient. I know it will happen.

“It gets easier… Every day it gets a little easier… But you gotta do it every day, that’s the hard part. But it does get easier.”
— Jogging Baboon from BoJack Horseman

I’m going to take a backseat approach. I’m going to learn some new skills, but from a different perspective and let someone else drive for a little bit. For now, this video has always been a good source of some kind of positive reenforcing energy that everyone should watch at least once.