Create a way to merge Creative mode and Survival mode in Minecraft.


After almost a decade of playing Minecraft, Creative Mode can get very boring very quickly for me but trying to make large scale projects in Survival Mode can be too much of a hassle as a working adult with other responsibilities. I need a way to create large scale projects more sensibly in Survival Mode.


Create a shopping area to easily purchase all the building materials I need. Integrating survival elements into the shopping process.

My solution was to create a bazaar housing all of the shops and a small town to help build atmosphere. On my server my friends and I already have separate villages we’re maintaining and protecting from Pillagers. We connected our villages via a Nether highway so I found a place in between our villages to serve as the mid-way point and lay out the town and bazaar. The inspiration is around the desert biomes and Persian architecture.



Using DigMinecraft’s Villager Builder we’re able to create villagers with specific jobs selling the various building blocks and materials. We based the economy around Emeralds, so as a player coming into this town I would need bring Iron, Gold, and Diamonds to trade for Emeralds, then I can use those Emeralds to buy building materials. Naturally acquired Emeralds would also be accepted at the bazaar.

We calculated the exchange rate of resources based on level of effort (all tracked on this handy spreadsheet). We then based the cost of materials around how we would actually acquire them, accounting for amount of materials, how many times it needs to go through a crafting table or furnace, dyes used, and rarity.

With these calculations we’re able to have a consistent and basic economy. Adjustments definitely need to be made for future iterations as we discover better ways to calculate cost and effort.

We also used that spreadsheet to jot down the code needed for each villager using the DigMinecraft tool I linked above. So if you and your friends would like to build your own place to easily and sensibly buy large quantities of building materials for your survival worlds then please use our guides and leave comments on the spreadsheet with ways we can improve the economy.

This was a very fun project because Minecraft is a game that is near and dear to my heart, I poured a lot of hours into this game these past nine years. I’ve been to three Minecons as a volunteer, made many friends on countless servers, and continue to play with friends every now and then.

A big shoutout to my friend Tom for helping make this project a reality, and to my friend Teagan helping where he can around the bazaar.

Some extra ideas we have to help this interact more with the Survival world is having locked shops. So if we want materials from the Nether we would need to unlock the Nether Monger by defeating the Wither. The End Monger would be unlocked by defeating the End Dragon, and the Ocean Monger would be unlocked by defeating an Elder Guardian. These ideas should keep the bazaar fresh and encourage us to explore more of the game. Now enjoy some screenshots of the bazaar and the town for reading all this.