This month I am going to start with two things that I love. Typefaces and Sci-Fi.

This typeface will be inspired by one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies of all time, Blade Runner, specifically the 2017 release Blade Runner 2049 deirected by Denis Villeneuve. In that movie the big antagnoist corporation is the Wallace corporation. That will be my insipration.

The purpose of this typeface is going to be purely decorative and for display usage. There aren't too many examples of typographic usage in this movie, which is a good thing because we're here to watch a movie not read a movie.

But this gives me less influence in what the branding of this corporation is and what typeface does it need. From the context of the movie and it's accompanied short films we know that the Wallace Corporation took over as the dominate replicant manufacturer after the fall of the Tyrell Corporation. Wallace Co got their start as a major provider in synthetic farms to be able to feed the growing human population on all the planets.

One major clue in the vision and brand of this company is the architecture.

There is a very grand feeling to Mr. Wallace's aesthetic with a lot of influence with ancient Egypitian architecture with the heavy diagonals of the pyramids and yellow lights and stone everywhere. Two other major themes in the Wallace building is the use of "natural" light and water. In most rooms which are barren of any features is illuminated by what looks like natural sunlight directly beaming into the room. Which should seem normal but is actually very striking knowing that the rest of the world outside is mostly shrouded in clouds and rain. So seeing such a warm light throughout make's this place seem like heaven.

Speaking of heaven, the only way to enter Wallace's office is through a set of stairs from the floor. Walking up to "The Kingdom of Heaven" you are surrounded by water and a very direct light from above that spins around, only illuminating parts of the room.

Mr. Wallace absolutely views himself as a god, his replicants are his angels, the old replicants are demons, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his vision of absolute rule.

This Medium article shows off the Wallace logo usage throughout the movie where you can see the current type treatment with the logo just using Helvetica, it seems. Just a normal regular weight sans-serif. I know Wallace needs to keep the face of a normal corporation that offers services and products but a man with that much attention to detail should be able to come up with something more striking than Helvetica.

Let's fix that.


One challenge of creating a new logotype was trying to pair it with the current logo which is the three vertical rectangles with rounded corners. It's a very easy going and soft logo. Something unassuming, which for Wallace's purposes is appropriate, you can't just come off as menacing.

I cheated a little bit and changed the logo, and replaced it with something I felt was more appropraite to the overal brand of the company.
Pulling directly from the architectural source, the Wallace Building. The beauty of this structure is the immense size of the structure, a true testament to Wallace's granduer. Looming over the once revered Tyrel Building.

It took a lot of iterations to dial in what this brand should look like.

Until I remembered Idlewild, a mid-centry industrial design inspired font from Hoefler & Co. It just screams innovation and industry with so much class. Being inspired by Idlewild I made something a little more robust.

After some quick feedback I changed the C to fit a little more into the grid, having a less natural look helped with the sci-fi theme I was going for. I had my logotype, now to build the whole thing.


The final execution is a typeface that has a solid foundation, as if it could be built into the earth. With an industrial look that lets everyone know that Wallace is here to stay and bring you into the future.

The lowercase of the font is an alternative version that has a more sci-fi feel to it with a slick stencil design, something that could easily fit into the cyberpunk world of Blade Runner.

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